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Why We Choose to Work with Sustainable Businesses

We have been on a mission since Claddagh Creative was born. That mission is one of sustainability, protecting our planet and creating a better future for everyone. All the lovely stuff means we get to enjoy the earth for years to come.

And let’s face it, global warming, unethical practices and wasteful fast fashion are scary! It can be super hard to figure out how to beat these problems. But we’re all in the same boat.

We knew we could make a difference with our marketing influence and skills.

The Impact of Ethical Brands

Society is obsessed with consumerism. But that’s nothing new!

Over the past 100 years, we have been conditioned to want more and buy new, even when we don’t need to! As a marketing agency, we could take advantage of this and go after big-ticket clients whose goal is to sell as much as possible.

But that didn’t sit right with us. We know consumerism is one of the top reasons our planet and people suffer. For the Claddagh team, business isn’t about how much money you make. It’s about how much impact you can deliver. We decided that impact should come from supporting and working with only sustainable businesses that benefit our planet.

Also, everything’s expensive! As costs soar, consumers want more from businesses. Simply put, we’re yearning to find more transparent businesses and brands to shop from.

We want businesses to be caring for their employees while ethically sourcing and making products designed to last.

As a team, we also rely heavily on technology. We mean, who doesn’t these days? But even technology carries a carbon footprint. We try to minimise our carbon footprint in various ways, from reducing commute hours to planting trees. By working with other businesses and brands actively working to reduce their carbon footprint, we’re also ensuring our projects are as carbon-neutral as possible. Teamwork = dreamwork!

By working with small-medium businesses and brands that champion this kind of ethos, we can help influence a greener world. Using our creative marketing skills, we are here to get more ethical and sustainable brands in the spotlight.

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Sustainability = Never Perfect

We’re not here to preach perfect sustainability practices. They don’t exist!

What?! But you said you only work with sustainable brands!

We do, and part of that work means educating our clients and the world on the small efforts of sustainable living. So if you like the sound of what we do and are worried you’re not sustainable enough, don’t panic!

All we want to see is an effort towards sustainability and a business plan committed to delivering these efforts. But, of course, we also want to see you implementing these sustainable practices. And we can help do some of the heavy lifting for you!

A better future for all is the sum of our collective efforts. Small steps lead to big changes!

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Steps for Sustainability

The bottom line: We genuinely want to help you create a sustainable business.

We want sustainability to become embedded in your company culture.

A lot to ask? Not with our help!

We can assist with your marketing strategy and show you how to communicate effectively with your customers. With our help, you can answer all the sustainability and ethical questions they want to ask. And consumers have a lot of them!

We want to work with you if you’re a business committed to positive change!

The first step is acknowledgement.

The second step is action.

Let’s get to it!

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