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We put the Ethics in Ethical Marketing

We strengthen. We support.
We always show up for a better future.

Where it all started

Our founder, Margaret, had done the fast fashion, freelance, and agency route for a few years.

It was here she realised that marketing was her true passion.

But she couldn’t shake the feeling that she wasn’t adding anything to the world. That was until she began working with sustainably led businesses doing amazing things for both people and planet.

Thus, in 2021,
Claddagh Creative was born

She narrowed down her mission, discovered what not to do and decided to disrupt the industry once and for all.

Brave, we know.

So, without further ado:

Here’s what Claddagh Creative is:

  • An ethical marketing agency that champions sustainable practices
  • A place where community, storytelling and sales meets sustainability.
  • Experts in social media, email marketing, content creation and copywriting
  • A community of storytellers that harness the power of your narrative
  • Community-driven and connection-focused
  • Your number 1 fans (if your intentions are pure, and you want good things, then we're aligned)
  • A whole lot of talent. From designers to writers, we are proud, crazy creatives!
  • Data nerds
  • Determined to make your sustainable brand seen, heard and valued

Here's what we're not:

  • Liars. We will not post any messaging that doesn’t reflect your brand
  • Fairy godmothers. We cannot wave a magical wand and generate a community of loyal followers - It takes a whole lot of hard work and commitment
  • Boring. Just because we work with sustainable brands doesn’t mean it’s green marketing and messaging. We like to keep it juicy
  • Robots. We’re people first. And in a world of AI, a little people-action is exactly what we need

We want this to be a long-term thing

Right here, between you and us, it’s the real deal. It isn’t a fling. You trust us, and we trust you.

Why is that?

Because we chase long-term results, not quick wins.The truth is marketers hold a huge amount of responsibility on their shoulders. And so they should.

They’re responsible for getting your message, mission and story out there.

And that’s what we do best.

We’re tired of all the toxic tricks and tactics

As well as doing our part for the planet, we want what’s best for the people.

We’re not into tricking, clickbaity, or fear-mongering content. In fact, we think it’s pretty messed up.

Instead, we stick with transparency, authenticity, humour, storytelling, data and all the good stuff.

The proof’s in the pudding

We’re always trying to improve, but here are some of our recent and ongoing initiatives in the workplace.

We never want to be one of those agencies that simply plants a tree with every client and hopes for the best. We’re always looking to be better, both individually and as a team.

Keep up with us on Instagram to see what we get up to and the progress we make!

The Bottom Line

We’re here to learn more and do more.

Honesty is a core value of ours. No business can be 100% sustainable right now, but together, we can make educated choices that consider the planet and its people.

Together, we can make a difference.

We would love to hear from you.

Get in touch if you're a business looking to work with a marketing agency that just gets your mission.

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