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A Career with Purpose

At Claddagh, we only work with sustainable and ethical brands.

Our mission is to banish toxic marketing strategies and elevate our clients via transparency and authenticity.

The Claddagh Clovers are brimming with marketing expertise in holistic strategies, copywriting, graphic design, social media management, web design and advertising.

You see, as an agency, we have no ambitions for a huge team. But we are always ready to meet ethical creatives who are ready to take on the online world.

Are you a creative person who wants to try their hand in ethical marketing? Or perhaps you’re an expert who believes they can bring true value to the team.

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Work Experience That Counts

As a budding and enthusiastic marketer, gaining industry experience with no experience is challenging.

All our Clovers started where you are; we get it!

We love welcoming passionate people looking for their first dip in the ethical marketing pond.

As part of your work experience with Claddagh, you’ll have the opportunity to learn skills and gain knowledge to help you build your career.

To enquire about marketing work experience, please contact the wonderful Aiden.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Contact with the subject line “Work Experience That Counts”

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