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Marketers, it's time to generate real change

At Claddagh Creative, we believe marketers play a significant role in promoting and driving sustainability. Whether it’s in our organisation, your organisation, with your consumers or within the wider world, we all have the power to do good!

When Claddagh Creative was founded in 2020, we wanted to harness the reach of marketing to deliver greener messaging within the industry. We saw how fast fashion, non-sustainable practices and unethical marketing campaigns were negatively affecting our planet, and we were desperate to see change.

Small changes, huge impact

That’s why we decided to work solely with businesses that match our values and ethics.

We provide a purpose-driven marketing approach that delivers our clients’ success and educates and directs them on the impact of their campaigns and messaging.

And we’re wholly transparent in the process. Much like our clients, we’re still learning from business and personal perspectives.

So rather than trying to change the world in a day, we’re focusing on the small efforts we can make consistently that will make the most significant difference.

This is why each member of the Claddagh team is committing to making small changes in their lives to ensure they are doing their part for our planet.
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Team Claddagh's Sustainability Goals for 2023

“I have two major goals for 2023 and beyond. Firstly, I’m working towards a 100% plant based diet. I don't shop fast fashion. In fact, I only shop when I need something that isn’t in my wardrobe. Secondly, I want Claddagh to be as sustainable and ethically itself. As a business owner I hold ethics close to my heart, always paying and treating my staff fairly.”


“In 2023, I’m going to consistently spend 2-3 days a week eating a plant-based diet. I have stopped shopping in fast fashion and have fallen in love with vinted (no seriously, it’s an addiction). I am also currently working and researching different ways to reduce single-use plastic.”


“My main goal is to support more small businesses. The love and detail that goes into their products is unmatched! I also buy clothes primarily from charity shops and always donate unwanted items.”


“ I have stopped supporting and shopping fast fashion. Instead, I’m supporting more local businesses when buying! Any old clothes will be donated/recycled to give them another home. I also stick to a vegetarian diet and I am always open to trying vegan options."


But that’s just our personal commitment. Here’s what we’re doing as a business..

We recognise our privilege, and it’s not something we take lightly. As a team, we are always researching and learning more about how we can help people and animals who don’t get the opportunities that they deserve.

We are eager to volunteer our services to those who are determined to make a difference but may not have the financial resources to invest in marketing.

If you’re a charity/business that needs a hand with their marketing efforts, let’s grab that virtual coffee, catch up, and change the world.

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The Bottom Line

We’re here to learn more and do more.

Honesty is a core value of ours. No business can be 100% sustainable right now, but together we can make educated choices that take the planet and its people into consideration.

Together, we can make a difference.


What are our next steps?

It’s time to give back.

Each team member has causes close to their heart, and we want to support them. So our current driver is to find ways to devote some of our time to these great causes and make a lasting impact within our communities.

We’re also on a mission to help non-profits hit their marketing goals - watch this space!

Got a few ideas? We would love to hear them.

If you have any ideas on what we can do or who we can help reach out to we'd love to hear from you

Why choose ethical marketing?

Ethics, sustainability, social responsibility, environmentally supportive…

These are buzzwords that are thrown around a lot! But what do they actually mean when it comes to marketing?

What is the difference, and how do sustainable and ethical marketing practices benefit your business?

Marketing for the future

At Claddagh Creative, we work only with ethical and sustainable brands. Ethical marketing is a revolution for brands to showcase the good they are doing in the world!

It is also a commitment to delivering sustainable and ethical promises. We give brands the tools to communicate their missions effectively.

From products and services to features and benefits, we do it all.

We also help clients demonstrate socially responsible transparency and honesty within their brand messaging and communities.

Because of this, we do things a little differently which means we avoid toxic sales tactics. These dishonest and harmful tactics often indicate that people or the planet are being exploited to boost profits. For a good reason, today’s consumer sees right through these tactics. They see the damage that it causes.

We also only aim for long-term results, never short-term ones. Marketing gets a bad rap because of the ways it tries to trick consumers. But ethical marketing does the opposite. We aim to knock down those negative walls created in the marketing industry by rebuilding trust through honesty and communication.

With our holistic approach to ethical marketing, we give our clients confidence and support that align with their sustainability goals.

Just a note

We don’t expect you to be perfect as a sustainable business. We're all constantly growing, learning and adapting to the changing world.

Right now, having 100% sustainable business practices is tough - impossible, some say! But ethical and sustainable business practices are the sum of small steps.

Working with an ethical marketing agency is one of the small steps you can take.

Small Sustainable Steps

Want to learn more? Grab a coffee and hop on a call with us!

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