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Why is having an Instagram strategy crucial?

If you were to picture Claddagh Creative, imagine equal parts data, strategy, and creativity coming together to form a vibrant, dynamic entity. Picture a blend of analytical rigour, strategic foresight, and creative flair that defines everything we do.

Sound dramatic? Perhaps.

But when we discover that people are winging their Instagram efforts, it breaks our lil’ clover hearts.

The Dangers of an Unplanned Instagram Approach

Do you often find yourself getting a new idea and then posting about it the next day? That, my friend, is a ✨ lack of strategy ✨

Winging it on Instagram can seriously mess with your brand. Without a plan, your posts become hit-or-miss, your message gets confusing, and you miss out on engagement opportunities. 

Plus, your feed can look all over the place, and you waste time and effort. 

Engagement drops, and it's hard to see what's working. Instead of scrambling to keep up, a good strategy helps you stay ahead, keeping your content on point and your audience hooked. It makes everything smoother and more effective, building a stronger, more consistent brand.

But before we dive into the nitty-gritty of strategising, let's talk about authenticity.

The Balance Between Authenticity and Strategy

Authenticity remains crucial for brands. However, it's easy to lose sight of this when we start obsessing over strategies, especially when trying to emulate others. Don’t let your strategy obsession overshadow your authentic personality – consumers can detect inauthenticity from a mile away.

Why Strategy is Essential

While authenticity is key, having a strategy in place is equally important. Here are some essential tips for your next strategy session to ensure you're not just posting aimlessly:

  1. Inject Personality into Your Feed
    • Instagram isn't just about polished graphics. People connect with faces and real-life moments. Mixing these into your feed can have a significant impact.
  2. Tweak Your Tone of Voice (TOV)
    • On Instagram, being real and relatable trumps formal or salesy language. Adjust your TOV to be more approachable and engaging.
  3. Prioritize Customer Service on Social Media
    • Social media is a hub for social proof. Ignoring even a day-old negative comment can drive customers to your competitors. Stay responsive and attentive.
  4. Put Community First
    • Social media isn't just about posting and ghosting. Engage with your audience actively. Building a community should be your top priority.
  5. Collaborate with Other Businesses
    • Whether big or small, collaboration can significantly boost your presence and reach on social media.
  6. Make Your Social Media Inclusive
    • Ensure your content is welcoming to everyone, regardless of their abilities or differences. Inclusivity fosters a broader and more engaged audience.
  7. Use Content Pillars as Guidelines
    • Treat content pillars as loose guidelines, not strict rules. Be open to trying new things and keep your content fresh and interesting.

Strategy Can Be Exhausting, But We're Here to Help

We understand that strategy can be tiring. At Claddagh Creative, strategizing is one of our favorite things to do. If you want a helping hand, why not get in touch?

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