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Unlocking the Potential of Instagram in Today's Market

Let’s start with a confession… 

We’re Instagram-obsessed. We always have been and always will be. 

The reasons are countless. But here’s a key one: 

81% of users rely on Instagram to discover new products and services. 

(Yep, they are looking for you)

Yet, in a saturated market, standing out can be tough. But it’s not impossible. 

After years of working in social media, we have pinpointed what's often missing from 2024 strategies: storytelling.

Why tell your story on Instagram?

Nielsen research found that UK citizens see 2,200 marketing messages every day. Only eight hit their target.

You need to be one of those eight… 

People likely won’t take the time to scroll through your entire website to learn about you. There’s too much noise and competition for attention. Most of the time, they want to get what they need, have a seamless experience, and go and live their peaceful life.

Yet, Instagram is often a place where consumers go to check a brand's social proof. It’s like the “About Us” page of social media platforms. 

They’ll look at:

  • Your tagged images
  • Real life reviews
  • How people use your products
  • What people think
  • If there are some real faces knocking around
  • If you have a personality

And so on and so forth.

They want to know that you’re a real brand that they can trust, and if they can see themselves in your community. If they can, you’re halfway there.

Mostly, they want to see the real people behind the brand. They’re over robots. 

So, when you show and share your brand’s story on Instagram. People are much more likely to connect and interact. 

We know how challenging this can feel when the algorithm seems to change, and you have to rediscover how to capture your user's attention, again.

Stephen King said that when readers see similarities with book characters. They relate it to their own life. Then, they become invested in the story. 

If you want people to invest in your story, you have to be real. If they can see themselves in your brand, in any capacity, then you have a golden opportunity. Don’t waste it.

How does the Instagram algorithm work in 2024?

The Instagram Feed algorithm has evolved, favouring content that matches users’ interests.  

But how does it figure out what you're into?

According to Instagram's CEO Adam Mosseri, it's a bit of a puzzle. "We're always tweaking things to show you what you're interested in.""

They look at lots of things, like:

  • What the post is: Is it a snap or a video? When did they put it up? How many likes has it got?
  • Who's posting: Are they someone you're into? Are they a friend? How much do people usually like their stuff?
  • What you do on the app: Are you a big fan of videos? What sort of stuff do you usually check out?
  • Your past actions: Do you give likes or comments to this person's posts?

Bottom line? The Instagram algorithm watches your activity. It shows content it thinks you will love.

So, how do you hack it?

Simple- you can’t! 

And even if you could, it will soon change again. That’s why having Instagram experts on your team is crucial! They’re adapting to keep up with this dynamic platform. It’s a full-time job.

Plus, they will create content that slots into somebody's interests, and they’ll avoid promoting.

Most importantly, they (cough, we) will create something that starts a conversation.

After all, followers need:

1. A reason to stop 🛑

2. A reason to stay 🧘‍♂️

3. A reason to act 👊

But most importantly, your Instagram captions should show your personality and start conversations. 

Remember, it’s called social media for a reason. 

However, if you don’t know where to start with using Instagram to your advantage, then let us help.

We have so many tips up our sleeve, and we would love to share if you’re ready to listen.

Get in touch for a helping hand. We all need one now and then.

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