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The results of excellent copywriting

Like everything, you need copywriting results to feel convinced of its magic. And it’s not something we see much of online. 

But that’s not necessarily the fault of copywriters. Like graphic design, copywriting doesn’t get exact analytical results, but it plays a huge role in every aspect of marketing.

This is why people often consider investing elsewhere before they do their copywriting. 

But the truth is, the results of copywriting are everywhere.

Not just on a website (where we increased a clients revenue by 384%).

And not just in an email (where we increased attributed revenue increased by 224.37% for another client).

And not just on social media (where we saw an increase of 1822% in total audience for a third client). 

But the numbers aren’t the most important thing here. Let’s dive into how it goes down outside online marketing. Think about the way that people talk about your brand.

For example, DuoLingo.

Like many trends and businesses, they shot to fame during COVID-19 when people had a lot more time on their hands.

And when everything returned to normal, they needed a way to stay relevant. Cue their crazy TOV (tone of voice):

We couldn’t help but throw a Swiftie example in there 💅Sue us. 

But, on a more serious note, they know exactly how to keep up with trends across all channels with their crazy content.

And that has meant that people talk about how weird they are in real life. 

They are the masters of starting a conversation. 

What actionable steps can you take today to start conversations online?

  1. Ask an open-ended question: It doesn’t have to be as deep as ‘What is the meaning of life?’ but a good, relatable conversation-starting question can work wonders for engagement. 
  2. Share a relatable story: Bonus points if it’s a humbling experience. Stop pretending you’re a perfect brand who always gets it right. We all mess up. Laughing at it (when appropriate) reminds us that life isn’t that serious and our readers that we are still human.
  3. Comment on the latest and greatest: Now, we’re not saying we should gossip. However, industry-related news is a great talking point for your consumers, and it provides them with the opportunity to connect with each other and with you. 

So, going back to how copywriting is magical… 

✨It provides the results, and it gets conversations going

✨It works inside and outside of marketing.

✨It starts conversations

✨Most importantly, it’s integral to every area of marketing

Basically, if you’re at this point of the blog post, and you STILL haven’t booked a call, what are you doing???

We're just kidding, but we are here to answer all of your copy questions. So, let’s chat.

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