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The Collective Power of Content Creation

What actually is Content Creation?

We’re a content-hungry world. Audiences are besotted by diverse, engaging content.

Content is simply the information we present to our audience (take a shot every time we say content)

And value-driven video and image content are what your audience wants!

Everyone can create it, but not everyone can master adding real value.

Our photographers, video editors and graphic designers will produce high-quality video and image content ready to premier to your community.

Why do I need Content Creation?

Do you know what questions your audience is asking?

What information they’re looking for?

We do. And we’ll help you give them what they want.

You’ve likely found yourself captivated by certain content and its ability to influence the market, trends and buying habits.

But successful content creators master one important thing:


Many brands leap onto a platform, eager to sell their product or service.

But audiences don’t want to be sold to. They want to be entertained, educated and engaged.

From shoot to post, we’ll capture it all for you.

We’ll even help you elevate your brand through user-generated content from influencers.

It will look, sound and feel awesome!

Don’t guess. Become a brand leader.

The right content will drive traffic, leads, sales, engagement and brand awareness.

With Claddagh, you can have it all!

How Claddagh Creates Content for You

All that brain energy thinking of creative ideas can be time-heavy stuff. We don’t take the creativity away from you. We amplify your ideas and direct them with our expertise. Then we get to work making them a reality. No more FOMO watching other brands smash it online or wondering how they captured those beautiful product shots!

Content Shoots

Your sustainable and ethical products will shine brilliance following our content shoots. We arrange everything from strategy to shoot to post-production to capture the full essence of your brand vision. That’s right, EVERYTHING! Photographers, designers, project managers, editors, make-up artists, we’ll even bring hair stylists and won’t stop until we get the perfect shots (See our Ibiza BTS story!). Lifesavers for lifestyle and e-commerce brands.


What is the secret to mastering short-form video? It starts with beautiful content! Overly producing every piece of content isn’t always necessary, but when capturing your products, you want to show them off. High-quality, creatively edited videos that focus on your audience’s entertainment and engagement are what we do best.

Graphic Design

Carousels, newsletter headers, social assets and those extra pinches of branding make you unique. The way your brand looks can be what catches attention and turns heads. All elements of your marketing strategy are important (that’s why we’re holistic pros!), but graphics are those finishing touches that’ll dazzle your brand and customers. We’ll work our graphic design magic on whatever you envision.

Let Us Create It

Allow us to be your art directors, masterful visual visionaries, the team that’ll make you go “Wow!”.

We get to the heart of your brand and how you want to be seen.

We don’t stop until your brand looks like the masterpiece it is.

Content creation isn’t just something we do. It’s something we live by. Vogue has even featured our shoots (pinch us!).

Ready to elevate your content game?

Contact us and let your creative vision flow!

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