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Social Media Management in 2024: How to use it for your business.

Social media back in the day, you know, when it was just Facebook and a bit of MySpace, was easy enough to manage.

You didn’t have to wrestle with algorithms or learn new trends every two seconds.

As an entrepreneur and positive change leader, managing TikTok, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Blogs, Newsletters, and Threads (that isn’t even the full list!) can be exhausting!

Don’t stress - we’ve got your social media management covered.

What is Social Media Management?

When it comes to advertising, social media has been a game-changer.

Brands needn't rely on advertisements in newspapers, on television, and on the sides of buses to get noticed.

Every kind of marketing has its purpose. It's why we're holistic in our approach.

But whatever the activity, your audience needs to be central.

Are you likely to catch them during a Corrie omnibus or between TikTok skits?

Our social strategists help you determine the best platforms to reach them and what content they'll engage with.

Combined with your full marketing strategy, we create content to deliver value, ensuring it is optimised for the individual platform.

Analytics identify what works and what your audience craves more of.

You'll build online communities where you can actively participate in discussions with your audience, nurturing connections and finding out what they want.

Think brand before sales.

Audience loyalty delivers profits.

Why do I need a social media manager?

Scheduling, analysing data, crafting copy, and building content calendars take time!

Social media also evolves daily What works today might not tomorrow.

Use your time wisely and let the experts take care of your socials.

Social media offers unique opportunities that are unparalleled for brands.

If you’re not harnessing it effectively or are guessing your strategy, you’ll miss out.

Socials are one cog in the marketing wheel. With our holistic strategies, your social presence will perfectly complement your efforts for longevity and success.

What does social media management include?

We’ve picked the hottest social media platforms our social pros have mastered.

Here’s a bit of insight into each one’s purposes so you can rock your social game with us:


What was once was consumed by friends and family is now plastered in businesses all over the world. But how do you stand out from the crowd? It’s all about connection, community and communication. 


Be honest, how many moodboards do you have? One for your home? Outfits? Goals? Future wedding to that unrealistic celeb? Did you know that Pinterest is the highest converting social media platform for sales?


We scroll and we scroll, but makes us stop in our tracks? Figuring out what resonates with your audience is the first step towards an exceptional TikTok strategy. Attention spans are getting shorter, and connecting with your audience is crucial. 


The Queen of B2B communications. However, there isn't one size fits all. A strong LinkedIn strategy needs some serious formulation. Luckily, our experts are on hand to keep it personable, professional and packed with engaging content.

Save Social Time

We’re here to drive your engagement, decrease your stress and most importantly, help you craft compelling content that fosters an online community.

Give yourself the time to focus on your business goals and changing the world in your magnificent ways.

We’ll manage your socials for success!

Fancy a free social audit?

‘Course you do!

Contact us and we’ll show you how to maximise your online presence in the right places.

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