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Marketers, are you doing your part for sustainability?

There has been a shift in the way we consume.

Capitalism has often sought to teach us that more is better, that we need newer and bigger, and to constantly replace and consume even when we do not need to. This has been the driving force behind many brands and their marketing campaigns for the past several decades; it has led to immense corporate success and has seen soaring profits for companies like Apple and Amazon, which thrive off material consumerism.

However, consumers are waking up to the detrimental effects this kind of buying has on our world, be it the resources these brands use, the people they exploit, and the environmental impact they create.

Consumers are also quickly becoming aware of marketing ploys encouraging them to overconsume with little reward and benefit. Instead, they are turning their needs and questions back on brands asking how products are sourced and made, what materials they are using, how they are neutralising their carbon footprint, and how they are treating their employees and suppliers.

Marketers have a huge role to play in sustainability.

Marketers are the bridge between brand and consumer. They are the ones to communicate the benefits of products and services to the end user and therefore have a responsibility to communicate with transparency.

Marketers must demonstrate that consumer needs will be met when purchasing; currently, sustainability is at the top of many buyers’ agendas. Climate change is a hot topic in the media and for governments globally, and sustainability is an integral pillar in protecting our future, one that requires “a relationship based on trust” (Dall’Olmo Riley & de Chernatony, 2000) for consumers.

Gone are the days of consumers buying without thought, “Today’s customers want their dollars to go to companies that will use their money to make the world a better place. Companies are realising that their customers and their employees expect them to take a stand” (Semuels, 2019).

Marketers play a vital role in helping their businesses and clients engage with this need for their consumers and their legacy as a brand. They are also at the forefront of creating messaging that encourages consumers to buy ethically and sustainably to build a better future for all. The people in charge of communication should be communicating for the greater good.

Here is why we do our part for the planet:

We do our part by only working with sustainable brands that are environmentally and ethically conscious because we want to use our expertise as marketers to inspire a better future for our planet and the people living on it.

As marketers, we have a significant role in promoting and driving sustainability, whether within your organisations, with your consumers, or into the broader world. In an age of growing authenticity and demands for transparency, it is more important than ever for a brand to communicate its responsible and sustainable practices. At Claddagh, it is our mission to help our clients achieve this.

Choosing a sustainable marketing agency benefits you in many ways as a brand, mainly through the knowledge that a sustainable marketing agency can offer you. We understand that it can be impossible to be 100% sustainable, but the small efforts brands make often can drive them in the right direction. We help you avoid green-washing, understand your consumers' needs, and what information they want you to communicate with them. Ultimately, we guide you with a sustainable marketing strategy that will engage your consumers through transparency and clear sustainable messaging.

What does it mean for you as a business owner?

As a small-medium business, you may not have the capacity for a dedicated sustainability department to advise you on holistic and ethical marketing tactics. This is where we can work with your team to take on that role while educating you on the shifting consumer needs regarding sustainability.

A sustainable future is dictated by how we consume; we must all consciously promote sustainable buying practices and provide environmentally friendly products and services.

To learn more about the power of sustainable marketing for your brand, contact the Claddagh Creative team today!

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