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How to Use Email for Sustainable Marketing

Did you know there are numerous ways to harness the power of email for sustainable marketing?

Look, we’ve been working in email marketing for a combined 10+ years, so we have seen just how powerful it is for sustainable brands.

Email has become an integral part of daily communication, both personally and professionally, playing a central role in digital interactions.

With average open rates of 20% and click-through rates of 3%, when it comes to online advertising, email has been shown to be up to 40 times more effective than social media. 

In 2024, email will remain your best friend and a powerful tool for converting, connecting and communicating.

It’s not going anywhere; in fact, by 2026, its frequency is expected to increase to 392.5 billion with the global email marketing market reaching $17.9 billion.

So, maximise its potential!

Connect and foster relationships with your audience, keep them engaged and where you can, throw in a little promotional content.

Of course, you may send emails on a regular basis, but there are numerous ways to ensure that your email marketing efforts are run sustainably, reducing any unnecessary environmental impact.

You might think that sending emails has no apparent side effects; after all, it doesn’t use any paper, right?!

Well there’s no denying that excessive emailing requires the use of a lot of energy and fossil fuels, which accounts to roughly 4g CO2 carbon footprint released per email, and let’s not forget that it feels a little spammy for your customer.

But here at Claddagh Creative we have mastered the art of emailing for sustainable businesses.

So, here's what you can do to ace email marketing sustainably:

Keep a clean email list

It’s essential to obtain a good balance between open rate, click-through and delivery rates.

Regularly cleaning and updating your email list ensures you aren’t sending emails to inactive, invalid or bounced email addresses which keeps email engagement high, and your unsubscribe and spam rates low.

Ultimately improving deliverability and engagement rates.

This reduces wasted resources on unopened emails, amazing right?

The Claddagh Creative team will help you adopt this strategy for a fresh and efficient way to connect better with your audience and keep things relevant.

Elevate Your Approach: Quality Over Quantity

Email frequency has a huge impact on email campaign success. 

Better engagement and loyalty will come from high-quality, relevant content than from frequent, meaningless communication.

You should try and find that ‘sweet spot’, customers are seen to positively react to emails sent up to 19 times a month.

According to Omnisend data, sending 10-19 emails per month- or 3-5 emails every week- is optimal for the best results.

Most importantly, it’s better for the environment if you send fewer emails. So It’s a win-win!

The size and ‘weight’ of your emails matters too.

You should avoid sending files that are excessively large, as this will use more storage space and energy.

Of course, there is nothing worse than when a potential customer can’t open an email.

Well, the easiest way to reduce email weight is to optimise images by reducing their file sizes or getting rid of bloated code.

Image cutting just 200kb from an email you sent to 50,000 recipients- that’s 10,000,000 fewer kilobytes of storage.

Segmentation and targeting your audience

Transforming your email campaigns into personalised experiences is our key to unlocking new levels of excitement here at Claddagh Creative!

Our optimisation strategy revolves around crafting tailored emails that not only captivate your audience but also create a truly personal connection.

This enhances engagement, prevents irrelevant emails, and reduces the environmental effects of pointless sends.

The power of Green Email Marketing

Of course, new trends emerge on a regular basis.

Sustainable marketing being one of them, but we think it’s here to stay!

You may wonder what the benefit of this is for you.

Companies embracing green marketing can boost their brand image and credibility, particularly with consumers valuing sustainability.

This fosters customer loyalty, as individuals are more inclined to stay committed to brands that align with their values.

Sustainable and eco-conscious efforts contribute to the reduction of the overall carbon footprint of a company. 

Our emphasis is on spotlighting your eco-friendly initiatives among your subscribers, ensuring they are not only aware but also well-educated about the underlying environmental issues.

So what should your next step be?

How can you show your audience that you are conscious of the challenges and problems facing the environment?

Let us be your partner in building that trust and showcasing your commitment!

Passionate about our work, we, as a full-service e-commerce marketing agency, thrive in helping you harness the power of your unique story. Our expertise lies in delivering sustainable email marketing solutions tailored to your needs.

The Claddagh Creative team having a discussion around email marketing

We can help you connect with your customers in your desired way, ultimately help you achieve more eco-friendly practices. 

And it all starts with a FREE email marketing audit!

How do you get your hands on one?

Simply contact us today, and we’ll get rolling!

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