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How NOT to Greenwash

Greenwashing is a word that is thrown around left, right, and centre in 2024. We work HARD to avoid it here at Claddagh Creative, and, most importantly, we’re more than willing to share our thoughts. 

By definition, Greenwashing is:

 “the intersection of two firm behaviours: poor environmental performance and positive communication about environmental performance.” 

In today's world, consumers are beginning to call out companies that brand sustainability as their core value. Which makes sense, right?! As consumers, we deserve transparency. 

It's crucial to distinguish between those who simply use "being green" as a token gesture and those who genuinely integrate sustainable values into their actions.
Take a fashion brand built on the foundation of unethical choices such as cheap mass labour and polluting fabrics. If ten years later they created a range of ‘eco-conscious’ garments and marketed themselves as now being green, yet were still profiting from the non-eco-conscious range, that would be greenwashing.

However, if they completely changed the whole scope of their production and manufacture to comply with environmental values, then that creates impactful change.

At Claddagh Creative, sustainability is at the core of our marketing philosophy, empowering us to confront global challenges optimistically.

How do we differentiate between these two split mentalities?

Firstly, look at who is making such claims- and who they may be using to back them up. Are they covering up deep-rooted and harmful issues with their brand by using popular influencers?

Are they loud and fighting for attention? Ask yourself why that is. You guessed it.. this may be another sneaky masking tactic that diverts your attention away from unsettling truths. 

Let us pull the wool from over your eyes

At Claddagh Creative, we see sustainability as part of your DNA.

It's not something we need to scream and shout about. It's something that is very obviously something you're working towards. And there is proof to back it up. 

Currently, there's a sad lack of concern for the environment. But despite that, we don’t want to be preachy or make anyone feel worse. It’s so important to offer some hope. We all need that in today's world, right? 

Focusing solely on individual responsibility and using language that blames them may contribute to this issue of not caring. 

Let's instead focus on collective action. 

This is where brands can play a leading role. Implementing strategies that repair and don’t cause further harm is something that consumers are looking for more and more.

Let’s get to the point. If you're not being transparent about your sustainability efforts in 2024, then don’t bother bringing it up. 

Consumers are tired of fast fashion companies using greenwashing to boost sales. Simply hiring sustainability ambassadors to talk about their practices can't compensate for cheap labour, unethical material sourcing and widespread carbon offsetting.

Many are paving a half-hearted attempt at effort. Still, through careful attention to every aspect of your brand- true change is possible.

A transparent journey is the key to successful eco-conscious marketing.

One of our wonderful clients is the perfect example of how it should be done. 

Shokay Yak Wool provides complete transparency of their wool’s journey using blockchain technology, showcasing their yak's happy, low carbon footprint and the resulting yarn. 

Their production process aligns seamlessly with their values, creating a harmonious customer journey and a brand that is making a difference, not just for the sake of it! But because they want to. It is fundamental to their brand essence. 

Visit Shokay

If you’re unsure where to begin with environmental awareness, don’t worry. We offer an optimistic, open, harmonious approach, providing full brand transparency and credibility. We are here to cheer the corner for brands that share our sustainability morals. Whether you believe you’re completely on track, or if you’re authentic and transparent with your green goals, then we would love to join your journey

Let’s pave a new path together. Contact us to discuss authentic copywriting that aligns with your sustainability goals. (The planet deserves it!)

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