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Five ways to make the most out of Instagram Marketing in 2024

Almost one-third of the global population uses Instagram. 

We’ll give you a second to let that sink in because that’s a crazy number.

However, it also reaffirms that your audience is out there, waiting to be reached.

But this is where businesses make a key mistake.

They’re so focused on the numbers that they forget to look at who’s right in front of them.

Imagine an audience of 100 people who have chosen to follow you. You’ve piqued their interest, and they pressed the follow button.

What’s the next step:

a) Focus on getting even more followers?

b) Nurture the people who are already interested?

If you answered b, congratulations. You don’t win anything, but congratulations nonetheless.

Instagram is not the place to constantly sell. It’s the place to nurture, connect and start conversations.

Why should we use Instagram to market as a sustainable brand?

You have to see your clients as people. After all, your product is for people. 

And people crave community. 

Instagram is an excellent social media platform for bond building. It leads to real engagement and trust in your brand.

44% of Instagram users use the app to buy products weekly, and 62.4% use It to follow or research brands, products, or services. 

So, considering these stats, what steps can your brand take for a successful social media plan? 

1) Keep your content consistent for successful growth on Instagram!

Making high-quality content with a clear theme will let your brand shine from the rubble.

But you have to be super clear on what you want to convey to your audience. Think of your Instagram page as a beautiful shop window, showing all the highlights of your brand. Tell your followers your story through well-curated visuals and well-written content. We want people to stop at your window, so make every post count. 

But don’t post for a couple of weeks and then ghost everybody. Stay consistent and stay authentic.

2) Team up with influences that align with your brand

Times have moved on in the world of the ‘gram. We no longer unquestioningly trust influencers in our lives; we don't trust them just because they have a considerable following. 

However, this doesn't mean partnering with an influencer now has a lower success rate. It’s just changed! 

People trust others, and if they’re getting a recommendation from one of their favourite influencers, you’re golden.

3) Your followers are your marketers! 

Creating and nurturing an authentic and engaging community is a strategy we should consider.

If you pursue new ways to build a community that shares your brand's ethics and values, you will earn yourself some free word-of-mouth marketing. We discuss this extensively here. 

Plus, there’s nothing better than authentic UGC. Seeing people enjoy your brand/product is fantastic in itself, but it also encourages others to join the party.

Top tip: In 2024, we see a significant increase in honest conversations. Speak to your audience via DM (direct message) and get to know them. Small acts like that go further than you realise

4) Keeping it Reel

See what we did there?

Using Instagram's reel feature to create content for your followers is important. Ninety-one percent of users watch videos on the platform weekly, so the algorithm favours video content over imagery.

So, create relevant and engaging content that aligns with your brand DNA.

5) Opening up a shop

Now I know what you’re thinking…

‘But Claddagh Creative, you said that Instagram isn’t for direct sales.’

Yes, we did say that, and we meant it.

However, once people have seen your product, interacted with it, and fallen in love with your brand, their next step is to buy it naturally.

Which is what you want. Yay.

However, the difference between browsing and buying could be a tiny friction point.

For example, have you ever wanted to buy something from someone, but it wasn’t clear where to buy it? So much so that you gave up and forgot about the purchase altogether? 

Creating a shop on Instagram makes shopping easy for your clients. It shortens the buyer's journey, creating a more pleasant experience overall.  

The shop feature has become essential to the lead generation funnel, so ensure you’re using it! 

That was a lot of information

What can we say? We’ve got a lot to say.

There’s more than where that came from.

If our round-up of Instagram seems overwhelming, it may be time to get a few helping hands. 

We work with sustainable businesses that are ready to thrive on social media. 

Get in touch with Claddagh Creative for a free discovery call, and find out how you can use Instagram for your brand authentically.

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