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Finding authenticity in a AI world

The rise and development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been incredible over the last few years. And this technological boom has seen it being used in everything from cars, e-payments, and smart home technologies to chatbots, art, and video.

But perhaps there is a price to pay for the convenience and efficiency it offers. Some experts fear that AI could threaten jobs - even livelihoods - if used for malicious purposes.

However, as a society we are becoming increasingly reliant on AI in our day-to-day lives, all the way from the home to the workplace.

In light of this, should brands perhaps be looking to replace copywriters with AI for their content needs? And will the world of marketing as a whole eventually have no need for humans at all?

The power of AI

AI has captured the global imagination and many people have found it an invaluable tool for completing all manner of tasks more quickly and easily.

It enables computers to learn from data and solve problems, to more efficiently and effectively perform tasks like analysing data, finding patterns, and predicting online shopping habits.

But there’s one major thing it lacks - the ability to replicate the human experience.

And this is a huge issue for those in the marketing industry. Because AI, through tools such as ChatGPT and Open AI, could be used to create content such as product descriptions, blogs, social media posts, and emails.

But what would be missing is the human perspective. It’s the experiences that humans have that connect us and AI just cannot comprehend or compete with that.

Why hire a copywriter?

Through their words, a skilled copywriter can elicit a whole range of human emotions that move people to act, buy, and engage. Authentic relationships rely on authentic connection and that is something that AI is unable to achieve.

There’s a saying that people buy from people. And for sustainable brands, this concept is even more important. Customers want to see the people behind a business, from the owners to the artisans and creators of the products.

Unlike AI, a copywriter is able to dig into what lies behind a brand’s purpose and creative processes, by tapping into their own emotions and experiences.

It’s the human experience, writing from the heart, and the personal touch that a copywriter brings to content - and the value of that can never be underestimated.

The human connection

It’s clear that AI isn’t going anywhere when it comes to creating content. But neither is the copywriter.

While AI can be an important tool, it’s crucial that brands don’t rely on it to the point that the connection with customers is lost. And the best way to avoid that is by using the skills and experience of a copywriter.

As content specialists, we work with brands to communicate who they are and what they stand for. We know that authenticity is key to creating meaningful and lasting customer relationships, so that’s why we have a team of writers to expertly weave your brand’s unique story.

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