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Email Marketing Campaigns of Goodness


In fact, it has never been more alive. 

In 2023, it’s all about understanding how to use it to forge connections.

Avoiding toxic email marketing tactics and overloading your customers' inboxes with mail they don’t care about is the name of the game.

But let’s backtrack a minute…

What is Email Marketing?

You might think social media is the star of communications, but algorithms can be unreliable, and platforms change.

Email always has your back.

Email marketing is a cost-effective tool for engaging with your audience.

Give them an update, tell them you care, and throw in a little discount here or there.

Maintaining connections and nurturing relationships is a click away. Brilliant B2B or B2C email marketing strategies boost ROI.

Still on the fence?

You want a piece of that email pie!

Light up your audience's inbox and keep them in the loop.

Why do I need Email Marketing?

Email doesn’t change much for one reason: It works.

Email marketing is a great approach for non-profits and new businesses on a tight budget to reach their target demographic.

The Claddagh team uses the information gleaned from these campaigns to fine-tune brand messaging to increase open and click-through rates. Automation and consistency get us there!

Don't think about sales. Think about delighting your customers' desires.

Our copywriters will tailor your content to keep your conversations flowing and increase customer satisfaction.

Happy customers = higher profits!

But the icing on the cake?

You'll show your customers they're a priority, and you just get them!

So what are the first steps?

It all comes down to really understanding your customer.

What do they want most? 

How can you add value to their lives? 

How can you show that you care and are not just trying to sell them something?

We help you connect with your customers and get the answers you need to deliver them what they want. Whether using smart pop-ups on your website, sending them surveys or receiving testimonials, we’ll help you capture what you need. Then our copywriters will finesse your campaign with your brand’s message and purpose; our content creators will spice things up with beautiful graphics.

We test, monitor and adapt all campaigns for performance to ensure you connect authentically with your audience.

And it all starts with a FREE email marketing audit!

How do you get your hands on one?

Simply contact us, and we’ll get rolling!

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