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Courage: The Key Attribute for a Sustainable Leader

Let’s be honest, sustainable leadership is a gutsy move.

We’re all aware of how important a brand’s ethical and sustainable values are to today’s audience. In fact:

And that will only continue to rise, meaning the pressure will continue to grow for today’s business owners. In other words, today’s leaders need a whole lot of courage to take on consumer’s growing demands.

The word courage is rooted in Latin and translates to ‘heart or inner strength’. Seeing it as the definition of great leaders, it’s interesting that courage translates to the ability to have heart and compassion.

After all, making decisions that could potentially contribute to slowing down the ever growing climate crisis doesn’t just take belief, it takes action that comes from the heart.

In the context of business, action is taken when leaders challenge conventional norms and approach issues in a way that meet today’s growing sustainable demands. This represents something a lot of companies strive for but few actually achieve.

From our experience here at Claddagh Creative, great leaders are bold, brave, and willing to take risks for the things they believe in. Courageous leaders take risks that go against the grain of their organisations. They make decisions with the potential for revolutionary change in their markets. Their boldness inspires their teams, energises customers, and positions their companies as leaders in societal change

If a business is to have a meaningful impact, and make a lasting change, then it cannot be afraid to call out issues and, most importantly, lead the way on solutions. That in itself takes true courage. After all, throughout the process of building your business, you’re choosing a route that could influence people over profit- something that some investors often turn a blind eye to.

Most importantly, it takes courage to do what is uncomfortable for the greater good.

The principle of leadership is not to put yourself first. It is to build something more important than yourself. That is how you lead with courage and ultimately, create something that goes way beyond you and your consumer. As the person who has the last say, make it something that benefits our planet, your staff, customers and creates a true lasting impact.

So, now you know that running a sustainable business takes true courage… are you willing to be courageous? If you believe you can put the purpose before the profit by ensuring that the people and planet are on your priority list, then you’re already halfway there. Now, it’s time to take action, and Claddagh Creative can help you do so.

If you’re ready to generate real change and inspire your consumers, staff and industry, get in touch today.

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