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Brand voice and messaging: Mastering the art of communication

Two of the most important things to get right for your business are its branding and messaging.

Being clear in your messaging about what you do and what you offer is incredibly important for your business, as customers need to feel confident in order to engage with you.

And just as important, if not more, is your brand voice. This is how you convey your message about who you are to your customers.

If you’re not sure what brand messaging and brand voice are, or you have some knowledge but want to become a master of both, read on!

Speaking up for your business

What is a brand voice? Well, it’s basically the personality of your business and its verbal identity.

It’s the words and language you use to speak to your customers through various channels of communication, including your website, social posts, emails, and ads.

When you’re choosing a brand voice, you might want to think about words such as ‘playful’, ‘wise’, ‘approachable’.

Your chosen brand voice will also determine whether you’re a business that says “hey” or “hello” and whether you “release” information or “drop” it.

Attitude is important, so make it count!

A strong brand voice means customers will immediately recognise who you are when you’re speaking to them.

And brand voice definition doesn’t just make you distinctive as a business - it’s also key in building a connection with your audience. And isn’t that what everyone wants?

Making the message clear

Now, we move onto messaging. What is brand messaging?

Put in simple terms, it’s what you say as a business.

And in more detailed terms, it’s the messages you put out that convey your vision, mission, and unique selling points.

It’s how your customers can learn what you stand for and what to expect from you.

Often, a business has a tagline or slogan that sets them apart from its competitors and allows them to attract their ideal customer or client.

A great example is Oatly’s “It’s like milk but made for humans.”

And whether it’s B2B or B2C brand messaging, your messaging needs to be clear and easily adapted to the audience. And to the time and place you’re trying to reach them.

The perfect partners

Brand voice and messaging work in tandem - you can’t have one without the other.

Perfecting both is crucial in defining your business and creating meaningful relationships with your audience.

If your messages are spot on, but the brand voice you’re using to convey them feels boring or inauthentic to readers, this is likely to foster inaction - or worse - distrust.

Get both brand voice and brand messaging just right for your business, and you’re sure to reap the rewards!

Become the master of all you convey

It’s usually easier to perfect brand messaging before moving onto brand voice.

I mean, you can’t know how you want to say something before you even know what it is that you're saying!

So, once you’ve conveyed your values and unique offerings through clear messaging, you can then hone your brand voice.

And to step mastering brand voice up to the next level, you also need to consider brand tone.

It’s definitely not a case of brand voice vs tone. That’s because brand tone actually works with the voice you’ve defined by adapting the way you use your words and language.

Your brand tone might be chatty and friendly, serious and direct, or something in between. But whatever you decide upon, your brand tone must always be compatible with your brand voice.

Also keep in mind that the platform you’re using will inform how your brand tone varies. For example, you’re likely to be formal on LinkedIn, casual on Instagram, and chatty on Facebook.

Brand messaging strategy is all about maximising creativity, while also being consistent and authentic.

To sum up…

Remember, the keys to smashing both brand voice and messaging are clarity and consistency.

If you’d like further help and support with mastering your brand messaging strategy, get in touch with team Claddagh Creative today.

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