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Are you the perfect Pinterest-worthy brand?

Brands will jump to get on Instagram and TikTok. 
And for good reason: they are excellent platforms for business.

But do you know what’s crazy? When we mention Pinterest, we hear the ‘urrrms’ and ‘aaahs’.

The thing is, we completely understand why. Nobody tells you just how amazing it is.

Well, until now. 

Let’s kick things off with some personal results that we got over 60 days for a new client

1.04 million impressions and 4.3k outbound clicks

You don’t get numbers like that everywhere… 

But that’s not all. 80% of Pinterest users report using the platform to discover new brands.

So, it gets the results, it drives traffic and it’s FUN (to us anywho). Why on earth is it so overlooked?

Easy. Everybody thinks Pinterest is just a place for scrolling and making pretty boards.

Look, that is a good chunk of it, but consumers really do go there to buy. In fact, that’s often their entire intention.

Unlike the rest of the platforms - users don’t feel like they are receiving as much demand and nagging. 

They can ‘doom scroll’ without feeling irritated by constant ads or like they need to constantly compare themselves to what they find.

Most importantly, they feel inspired, which, if you’ve been here for a while, you’ll know that this is what it all comes down to.

That being said, not every brand is made for Pinterest, but those who are, well they’re in for a real treat.

We've seen a wide range of businesses thrive on Pinterest. Specifically:

  • Lifestyle businesses: Pinterest is a hub for lifestyle inspiration, ideal for showcasing products or services that align with different aspects of users' lives. From home decor to wellness tips, lifestyle businesses can create engaging content that resonates with a broad audience.
  • Knitwear brands: Pinterest's focus on DIY and fashion inspiration allows knitwear brands to effectively showcase their latest designs, patterns, and styling ideas. It's the perfect place to share tutorials, seasonal collections, and customer creations to build a loyal following.
  • Jewellery brands: With its fashion and accessories-centric user base, Pinterest provides an excellent platform for jewelry brands to showcase their collections and attract users seeking fashion inspiration and unique accessories. High-quality images and videos can highlight the intricate details of each piece, captivating potential buyers.
  • Travel brands: Pinterest is a go-to platform for travel inspiration and planning, making it perfect for travel brands to share destination guides, tips, and stunning imagery to engage with travel enthusiasts. Sharing personal travel stories and itineraries can inspire users to plan their next adventure with your brand in mind.
  • Fashion brands: Fashion brands can leverage Pinterest's popularity among fashion enthusiasts by sharing visually appealing content featuring their latest collections, trends, and styling tips. By staying ahead of fashion trends and seasonal changes, brands can keep their audience engaged and excited.
  • Occasion wear brands: Pinterest users often seek inspiration for special events like weddings and parties, making it an ideal platform for occasion wear brands to showcase elegant dresses, formal attire, and accessories for various occasions. By providing a mix of styling tips, trend forecasts, and customer testimonials, these brands can become a go-to source for event-ready fashion.

Do you belong in one of the categories above? Or do you want to find out if you would be successful on Pinterest? Book a call and let’s get chatting.

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