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Are You Sending the Wrong Types of Emails?

HINT: Probably

It’s only fitting that we now dive into the kinds of emails people actually want to see in their inboxes. We go on about email marketing and its power enough.

But first, we need to ensure that our audience clicks on emails. 

And how do we do that?

Subject lines.

Let’s say you’ve spent time writing a good email. It highlights something important about your brand. You want your recipients to take notice. 

But then you write a tedious, long, generic subject line that will get lost in the abyss of somebody’s inbox.

It’s time to stop that and start considering your subject line as your stage.

65% of marketers say subject lines have the greatest impact on open rates. 

You must craft your words carefully. They must be under 40 characters and capture attention. 

Being intentional at this stage can guide people through the customer journey. Using powerful words effectively and appropriately can trigger emotional responses.

Subscribers look at three things when deciding whether to open an email

  1. 42% look at the sender’s name first
  2. 34% look at the subject line first
  3. 24% look at the preview text first

People get over a hundred emails each day. Make yours one worth opening.

Now that we’ve addressed that, let’s ensure you’re sending emails that people want to receive.

In 2024, inboxes are becoming increasingly cluttered. So, how will you stand out?

Invitations: Make Your Consumers Feel Special

Strengthen your consumer relationships by inviting them to important events, like an online exclusive sale or an in-person meet-up. Such invitations make them feel valued.

Why? Who doesn’t like feeling special? Receiving an invitation from a brand means they get to know you beyond the online space.

Promotional Emails: Highlight Your Offerings

Promotional emails are the best way to inform potential customers about your products or services. But remember to sweeten the message with discounts and special offers.

Why? You want sales, but your audience needs an incentive. Discounts and special offers make your message more enticing.

Informative Emails: Showcase Your Expertise

These emails are an opportunity to showcase your knowledge and prove you’re an expert in your field.

Why? Your community is with you because they want to learn more about your industry. So, provide them with valuable insights and information.

Feedback: Listen and Act

Getting feedback is crucial, but what’s even more important is acting on it.

Why? Imagine a consumer suggests a product in a specific colour. If you inform them when that colour becomes available, you create a strong connection.

Taking these extra steps and applying these strategies will help you stand out from the crowd. 

However, it’s essential to ensure the content is relevant to the recipient. This brings us to…

What is Segmentation?

Email segmentation is a super-effective marketing strategy. It involves dividing an email subscriber list into smaller, more targeted segments based on specific criteria.

Examples of Segmentation:

  • Demographic Segmentation: Based on age, gender, location, etc.
  • Behavioural Segmentation: Based on actions like purchases, clicks, or email engagement.
  • Interest-Based Segmentation: Based on subscribers’ interests or preferences.

By segmenting subscribers, you can send more personalised and relevant email campaigns to each group. This increases three key metrics:

  • Engagement
  • Click-through rates
  • Conversions

What’s So Good About Segmentation?

Using segmentation allows for tailored messaging to reach different areas of your audience, resulting in more effective communication and improved overall campaign performance.

The More You Know

Are you feeling like an expert? If not, our email marketing team is here to help you out. Read more about that here.

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