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A Word About Copywriters - Unlocking Your Business’s Potential

Copywriting - people often get this confused with the people who grant copyrights! Copywriters don’t do that. We mean, some copywriters might. The world of copywriting is incredibly varied, but copyrights have little to do with copywriting.

Copywriting is actually an essential pillar of marketing.

What is copywriting, then?

Simply put, copywriting is the art of crafting words and sentences designed to influence and persuade your target audience.

Copywriting is often overlooked as a crucial component of a successful business strategy. It’s probably why you see many websites that don’t make a lot of sense or ramble on for ages!

Truth is, exceptional copywriting is essential for creating a strong brand identity, building relationships with your target audience, and ultimately driving sales.

Whether creating a blog post, an email campaign, or a social media ad, copywriting is the driving force behind making your message resonate with your audience. It inspires your audience to take action!

Words That Benefit Your Business

"Why should you work with a copywriter and not just use a free tool like Chat GBT?"

Well, as exciting and efficient as these new AI tools look, they are miles off the quality of work a professional copywriter can produce. Effective copywriting needs flare, style and human creativity to deliver engagement within your audience.

You don’t want to be churning out the same nonsense as everyone else. That’s how you disappear in a crowd!

2023 copywriting trends suggest audiences seek more conversational copy, less jargon and easy-to-digest formats. Video content is also rising in popularity, so talented scriptwriting is necessary to harness this trend. Overall, the top priority for copy is authenticity. People want to see organic and relatable messaging from brands.

So, why should I invest in working with a copywriter?

There are three top benefits to hiring a copywriter:

Copywriters Establish Your Brand Identity

Stellar copywriters help you establish a clear and consistent brand voice that sets you apart from your competitors. They’ll also make you stand out in a saturated marketplace.

Copywriters also go beyond the words to understand your why, purpose and ultimate business goals.

Copywriters Build Relationships with Your Audience

By working with a copywriter to craft compelling, engaging, and relatable copy, you can create a connection with your audience and build trust, which is essential for long-lasting relationships.

Especially if you’re a sustainable and ethical brand, working with a copywriter who can help you deliver a transparent and honest message is vital.

Copywriters Drive Sales and Conversions

The ultimate goal of copywriting is to drive conversions, whether that’s through a sale, a sign-up, or some other actions. Brilliant copywriting helps you create a sense of urgency and inspire your audience to take action.

What Can Copywriters Create?

We mentioned copywriting as a critical pillar in marketing. But what exactly do copywriters write? Bit of a tongue twister - we won’t be saying that after a few gins!

Copywriters are a talented bunch who have mastered the art of marketing with their words.

Some of their magical crafting abilities include:

  1. Email Marketing: Email is a powerful tool for reaching your audience, and proper copywriting is essential for constructing effective and engaging emails to drive conversions and conversations!
  2. Blog Posts: This feels like we’re stepping into the Matrix as you’re reading a blog written by a copywriter! Whether you’re looking to educate, share news and updates, or drive traffic to your website, copywriters make your blog content punchy, exciting and engaging.
  3. Social Media: Social media is one of the most powerful marketing tools available. Copywriting is integral for designing posts that grab your audience’s attention, drive engagement and ultimately drive those conversions!
  4. Campaigns: Maybe you’re running a product launch or promotional campaign; whatever you have up your sleeve, working with a copywriter will help your message stand out and inspire action.
  5. Website Copy: Your website is your online shop window and often the first impression people have of your business. A pro copywriter will ensure that the copy on your website is professional, engaging and inspires trust.
  6. Ad Copy: Whether you’re running a Google ad, a Facebook ad or any other kind of advertising campaign, compelling copy will get you noticed, ensure you’re remembered and will get people clicking.

So there you have it, a brief introduction to the excellent skills copywriters can bring to your business.

When working with Claddagh for your holistic marketing strategy, you’ll get to work with our exceptional head of copywriting and team of copywriters that’ll craft your brand voice.

If you’re intrigued by the areas that copywriters can help with, let us know, and we’ll get your copy crafted for you!

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