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5 Sustainable Brands That Are Killing It Right Now

As you know, we’re always banging on about doing things for the planet over here at Claddagh Creative. And honestly, there are some brands that we are just loving at the moment.

When working in a space like this, it’s important that we always take the time to lift each other up and shout about the amazing things that brands are doing in the world. 

So, without further ado, it’s our pleasure to dive into some of the brands that are killing it.

1) Two Libra's Lifestyle

You may not know this, but we love a crystal at Claddagh Creative. 

Two Libra's Lifestyle work day in and day out to raise vibrations and promote energy healing through their beautiful spiritual products. Founded in the peak of lockdown when life was a little more stressful, mother and daughter duo Megan and Karen decided to take it upon themselves to find moments of peace and tranquillity. 

Today, they bring us the most beautiful pieces, including homeware, stationary, accessories and, of course, crystals!

We’ve shopped here ourselves, and so much love goes into each piece.

Rose Quartz Crystal Intention Candle

*Rose Quartz Crystal Intention Candle - Two Libras

2) Loom Fashion

You ever come across something and think THAT is genius!!!

That was our exact response to Loom when we found them.

In the spirit of upcycling, Loom Fashion connects you with talented independent designers to turn your ideas into reality, all with a simple click. What's even better? Their creations are crafted from pre-loved items, beautifully reimagined and given a new lease on life.

No more wishing and hoping to find that perfect dress you've envisioned on Vinted. Now, you can bring it to life by simply downloading their app.

For more information, visit their website!

Sad Heart Shirt by Aftercare Apparel

*Sad Heart Shirt by Aftercare Apparel

3) Self Space 

Now, this one is all about nurturing the soul. Self Space has made therapy accessible for everyone, anytime. Their dedicated therapists are here to support people going through tough times or simply feeling a bit 'meh.' No matter the circumstances, we've got you covered.

Honestly, we can't help but focus on their incredible open letters page. It's filled with raw, touching, and hopeful stories that truly touched our hearts. We want to take a moment to thank every person who shared their story. We were captivated by them, and it was absolutely beautiful.

If you're looking for a modern approach to therapy and a creative outlet, then do yourself a favour and head over to Self Space.

4) Genevieve Sweeney

There is nothing like a beautiful piece of knitwear, and Genevieve Sweeney knows exactly how it’s done. Genevieve Sweeney isn't your run-of-the-mill knitwear label. It's the perfect blend of timeless tradition and cutting-edge innovation. From the creative design process to hand-picking top-notch materials and proudly crafting in the UK, it's all about making knits with a twist.

Also, they have a sock subscription. Yep, you read that right. A monthly sock subscription.

Absolutely genius.

Laide Brushed Wool Knitted Vest Jade Green - Genevieve Sweeney

*Laide Brushed Wool Knitted Vest Jade Green - Genevieve Sweeney

5) The Little Coffee Company

We all love a delicious crisp coffee. 

And we love it even more when it comes from The Alps. Can you imagine how delicious and fresh that would be?

The Little Coffee Company spends a tremendous amount of time (as in they physically travel to the alps) working on creating the perfect mug of coffee. And honestly? We think they have done a pretty amazing job.

Considering how important coffee is in our daily routines, it's only logical to invest a bit more effort in savouring the finest brew. After all, it's how many of us kickstart our day - so let's make sure we do it just right.

In today’s market, we're not fooling anyone. Consumers have a radar for anything that smells fishy, and they're done with greenwashing. They want authenticity, and sustainable marketing is the real deal. It's not a sales tactic; it's a commitment to doing better.

Which is why these brands are doing it perfectly.

No frills, no fluff – just common sense in a world that's finally waking up to the importance of going green. 

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