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PROTSAAH is an ethical jewellery brand that collaborates with artisans all over the world. As a brand, PROTSAAH pushes empowerment throughout the entire brand process. From the artisans, to the team, to the gifter, to the giftee.
Website Transformation
Branding and Graphic Design
Social Media Management
Email Marketing
B2B and B2C marketing
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The Brief

When PROTSAAH approached us, we knew we had stumbled upon something special. With such a beautiful purpose and incredible mission, they needed help using their website to tell their story.

PROTSAAH crafts handmade goods and accessories that celebrate the heritage and embrace the power of womanhood- yet their copy merely reflected the change they were capable of.

Our brief was to work on both B2B and B2C aspects of their business and establish a partnership to enable us to collaborate on their marketing needs, ensuring long-term growth and success.

The Solution

We focused on creating a holistic marketing strategy that would address the client's business's B2B and B2C aspects. From day one, we knew exactly what we needed to do. We dove head first into the world of PROTSAAH to reimagine their website and tell their beautiful story. From researching the artisan’s history to planning a photoshoot reflecting their values, we told their story through captivating copy and beautiful design.

This translated across the rest of their strategy, from email marketing to social media- everything is authentic, and we’re just going to say it… magical. Today, they have a website they are proud to call their own, and they continue to use their platform to empower and inspire women worldwide.

Website Transformation

Storytelling is at the heart of PROTSAAH, so when we were approached to rewrite their copy and brand voice, we knew we had work to do. It began with immersing ourselves in the world of research.

From their artisans to the brand values, we worked to connect the dots to represent the circularity of PROTSAAH. From there, we ensured that every element of the copy contributed to the story we had crafted.

Whilst rewriting their story, we also rebranded their website to reflect their values. The colour palette was selected with their mission statement in mind, reflecting the joy of feeling seen, heard and appreciated.

Email Marketing

Since we had the opportunity to work on both B2B and B2C for PROTSAAH, we ensured that we optimised popups, automations, flows and weekly emails to meet the demands of consumers.

Not only do our click rates soar way above the average, but every email encourages an influx of potential partners to browse the website/book a call.

Social Media Management

Since we spent a lot of time focussing on B2B, we applied our unstoppable LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok and Instagram formulas to the brand’s strategy. This allows us to connect with their audience directly and effectively.

The response is always excellent, and we are proud to watch PROTSAAH grow into the brand it was always meant to be.


The list for PROTSAAH could go on forever. However, it comes down to the relationship we have built and our trust and respect for each other as female-owned businesses. We are there for them when they need a new funnel strategy, help with branding for a new tradeshow and, perhaps most importantly, when they need somebody just to listen.

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