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MeatFreed is a platform that encourages students to introduce a plant-based lifestyle. To enforce positivity, we ensured that we avoid scare tactics at all times. Instead, we focus on inspiring the user to taste and sample plant-based alternatives.
Instagram Management
Content Creation
TikTok Strategy & Management
Website Rewrite and Design
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The Brief

At the beginning of our journey with MeatFreed, we were greeted with the exciting opportunity of partnering with a fresh and dynamic start-up.

Their mission was to boost sign-ups for their soon-to-be-launched app, and we were bestowed with ample creative freedom to explore various routes towards achieving this goal.

The Solution

Using this freedom, we gathered our team to completely revamp MeatFreed's branding, updating it to align with the brand’s target market. We crafted a fresh social media strategy for both Instagram and TikTok, planned content creation shoots, and wrote some pretty incredible copy (if we say so ourselves).

However, this was only the beginning of our journey with MeatFreed, so continue reading to see how we help MeatFreed grow as a new start-up.


Writing is a passion that ignites our team's creative flames, and this project set our hearts ablaze. As a team of avid food enthusiasts, we seamlessly blended our love for culinary delights with a lively, captivating, optimistic, and motivating brand voice aimed at resonating with our target audience. With the privilege of personally connecting with our demographic at University open days, we delved deep into their communication preferences and requirements, gaining unparalleled insights.

Content Creation

Our mission at MeatFreed: Use our platform to showcase the delicious and diverse world of plant-based cuisine. We constantly strive to capture the essence of the plant-based culinary experience through regular content shoots at our partnered restaurants. These shoots are not just about creating a bank of content but about immersing ourselves in the beauty of the food and the atmosphere and capturing what makes it unique.

Social Media Management

When MeatFreed approached us, they were struggling to make content that resonated with their target audience. We implemented a brand new strategy for the platform, focusing on video content and graphics that would encourage engagement and sign-ups to the MeatFreed app.

But it didn’t end there. We also showed MeatFreed the endless possibilities that came with TikTok. Through short, engaging and fun videos, we have managed to attract a wonderful community of followers.


At Claddagh Creative, we believe in the power of both online and offline strategies. We understand that while technology has made many things possible, there's still something magical about connecting with people in person.

That's why we took an innovative approach to promote MeatFreed, targeting students in the Manchester area with physical events that left a lasting impression. We secured a whopping 400 sign-ups in just four days at one of our events!

It was a fantastic achievement, showing that the power of human connection can still pack a punch in this digital age.


We took on the challenge of rebranding MeatFreed to help them connect with a younger audience, and we didn't hold back! What once lacked inspiration is now a dynamic, eye-catching, and motivating brand that represents inclusivity, encouragement, and fun.

We knew that these core values were essential in creating a brand that would resonate with our audience, and with extensive research, we developed concepts that truly hit the mark.

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