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Instagram Management

The Promise: A team of Instagram-obsessed marketers that merge strategy with storytelling to nurture your community

The Outcome: A loyal, engaged and dedicated Instagram community

The Proof: a 333.5% increase in reach over just 8 weeks for our client, alongside much much more!

If your brand is the art, your Instagram is the canvas

81% of users rely on Instagram to find new products and services.

However, most of the time, users are scrolling through Instagram out of habit, which means that you have a split-second to catch their attention and win their interaction.

Which, by the way, goes way beyond beautiful visuals and incredible copywriting.

In fact, it comes down to data, storytelling and true connection.

Once you’ve mastered that, those all-important sales will follow.

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When it comes to Instagram,
we know our stuff

Why should you take the leap into likes, comments, reels, trends and so much more?
You don’t have to. We’ll do the leaping for you.

Instagram is the perfect place to tell your brand's story and ignite a true connection. We go beyond just selling products, and forge true connections through storytelling.

Claddagh Creative harnesses your platform and creates a space where stories thrive, conversations flourish, and bonds are made.

We believe in cultivating a community (not just a following) through storytelling and meaningful relationships.

Sales? Well, they are just a plus.

So, why should you invest in Instagram?

Despite it being the place where your consumer scrolls daily, it’s also the place to show off who you are and what you do. You’ve got a story, and we’re ready to get on Instagram and tell it.

If you’re not posting on Instagram, you're leaving money on the table and your community behind you.

Here’s why:

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All Instagram Management Packages Include:

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Here’s what our clients have to say:


How do I know if Instagram is right for my business? 
Can Instagram generate revenue for my business?
What if I'm not happy with the social media performance?
I like things a certain way and have done them a certain way for years can you replicate this? 
Do you need my involvement?
What if I need other services?
Do you produce content for Instagram?
How do I know if Instagram is right for my business? 
That's our job to figure out! When we check your business, we'll use our own criteria to decide if this platform is right for you. We think every brand should be on this platform to some extent, but where your audience is most active will guide where we focus first.
Can Instagram generate revenue for my business?
Definitely! Though it's tricky to track sales directly from organic Instagram efforts, our experience shows that a strong Instagram strategy boosts overall marketing success. Relying solely on organic Instagram marketing without diversifying might limit results. It's important for all parts of your marketing plan to work together.
What if I'm not happy with the social media performance?
Here's the deal: In the first 3 months, we're all about trying things out and seeing what sticks. Results take time, usually about a year, which is why our contracts last 12 months. If you're patient and ready to invest, we're the agency for you.
I like things a certain way and have done them a certain way for years can you replicate this? 
We can replicate your preferences to a certain extent, but not entirely – and that's a good thing! While we understand your desire for consistency, it's important to embrace change. You've entrusted us for a reason – to inject fresh ideas while staying true to your brand's essence and values.
Do you need my involvement?
We urge you to remember that there is a reason you handed your social media marketing over to us- we are the experts! However, we love your input and brainstorming sessions, so it’s all about finding a balance.
What if I need other services?
We have a team of creatives that love working on incredible brands. Please let us know if you want to learn more about our other services, including Instagram Management, Content Creation, Copywriting and Email Marketing. 
Do you produce content for Instagram?
We can, but it's an extra cost that we can discuss. Generally, we use the content you already have. However, it's essential, as with any social media strategy, to invest in content creation. This might involve user-generated content, influencer marketing, or in-house or outsourced photoshoots.

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