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60 Irresistible CTAs

£ 35.00 GBP

Just when you think you have nailed your customer journey on your website, social media, and email marketing, the Claddagh Creative team reminds you of the importance of CTAs.

We have no regrets, okay? We want you to succeed. With the online world being so oversaturated, every step of the consumer journey needs to be nailed. That being said, stop thinking of your CTA as encouraging a simple action and begin to consider it as an opportunity to further inspire your customer. 

But don’t worry; you actually don’t have to think much at all.

Because we have done it for you with our 60 CTAs crafted for your website, email marketing and social media, yep, we’ve covered every base.

What makes this PDF soooo amazing?

Connect with your customers: When you put inspiration at the centre of your marketing strategy, you’ll be surprised at how many consumers want to connect with you.

The final push to purchase: Sometimes, consumers need that last little push over the finish line. Did you ever consider that your CTA could be that push?

Convert like never before: More clicks mean more conversions and more conversations make sustainable business owners very happy. Happy business owners mean happy Claddagh Creative because sustainable businesses deserve to win!

Grab them at any time: Once you have this PDF, you can keep it on rotation whenever you need it. There are tonnes of personalised CTAs to choose from, and they will all be at your fingertips whenever you need them.

Here’s what’s included

  • Tips on how to maximise your CTA potential 
  • 20 email marketing CTAs
  • 20 website CTAs
  • 20 social media CTAs
  • Guidance on your CTA goal for each marketing platform
  • A free 30-minute copywriting audit with our team (no strings attached)
How do I download my PDF?
Easy! Once you have made your purchase, we will email you your PDF. Simply click download in the email, and it will be saved to your device. You will have access to that email forever (as long as you don’t delete it). And if you do just reach out!
Do you provide feedback on the tasks?
We are always here to help. If you have any questions or would like some advice, then please get in touch with This PDF also comes with a FREE 30-minute copywriting audit with our expert team if you'd like it, so there is lots of value.
I’m a sustainable business; what if I need extra help with copywriting?
You’re definitely in the right place. It would be great to jump on a quick discovery call to discuss your struggles and exactly how we can help you. This way, you can speak with the team and ask any burning questions. Book a call here.

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